Custom Order Process

Custom Orders

Request a Custom Order here.

Please include the item being requested, how urgent you would need the item and any other details in the message section including any wish list thoughts on pattern, fabric, colors or materials.

Upon receipt of your request, I will respond with more information specific to you. This will include if I am unable to take on your order at this time, what materials you may have requested that I currently have or would need to order and a potential timeline estimate.

 It is always easiest and quickest to order something from patterns or materials I already have and use. Requesting something that requires me to order anything will push the timeline out based on when I receive the materials. If the materials you request are too unique, I may require you to pay for the entire amount of fabric ordered in advance of making the bag.

Once all fabrics are in hand, each customer will be given the chance to approve fabrics prior to construction of the custom bag. If you paid for the fabric ordered already, you will still have a chance to give a final approval.

At this point, a non-refundable deposit is made to confirm the order and officially approve the fabrics being used.

Once fabrics are in hand, have been approved, and the deposit is made,  construction of the bag can start and will take up to two weeks before shipping.

Once your bag is completed, you will receive an email with the updated cost not including any shipping.

If you are a local customer, we can work out pick up and final payment in person if you would like to avoid shipping costs. Otherwise, I will create a product on the website uniquely for you to complete your purchase and add any shipping charges.