December Presence

December Presence

As the year wraps up for many of us and the northern hemisphere gets darker and colder, it can be tough to stay in the present moment. Especially if that moment doesn't feel good. There is nothing wrong with feeling sad or angry or a bit off our game. What matters is how we react to feeling this way. Do we try to distract ourselves and push away those feelings or can we embrace them a bit and work to change the patterns instead.

This is the fourth holiday season without both of my parents, but it is the first to really feel normal since the pandemic. I am actually asking myself, what even is normal? Every year is going to be a little different no matter what. People change, kids grow, family priorities shift. All of these expectations and emotions of family can bring up some pretty entrenched reactions that sometimes feel out of our control.

This is where our yoga practice comes in. Yoga can help us to sit with discomfort and reminds us that everything is temporary. It can teach us to be in the moment and to drink in whatever the experience may be without judging it. So, how do we apply our yoga and stay present? That is the hard part, but the holidays are a perfect opportunity to practice these skills. I have found that when I allow some space for those feelings to come up, they actually don't stay for very long. When they do, I give myself a way to take a break. Stepping away from the activity, going to a place where it is safe to feel and express those feelings. Depending on your family, the only safe place may be the bathroom and that is OK. It may seem like hiding, but hiding from others to allow yourself to feel something uncomfortable in a safe environment is different than hiding yourself from those feelings.

If you are looking to practice on the mat before being faced with your holiday challenges, I will be teaching virtually on Mondays @6pm in December through the 18th. Sign up for classes at least 30 minutes prior to start at

I hope to see you there!

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