Full Heart February

Full Heart February

Now that we have reset for the year, it is time to turn our attention toward building ourselves up. Usually the observance of Valentine's Day means emphasizing loving relationships with others, but what if instead we turn that love toward ourselves. Let's make this Full Heart February!

Don't get me wrong, it is very important to show others we care as well. Especially if that is something we struggle to do throughout the year. But, it is easier to share our love with others if our own heart is full. You know, put your own life vest on before helping others.

So, how do we fill our own hearts this time of year?

One way is through our yoga practice. Adding in mantras of gratitude can make a huge difference in how full our heart feels. Whether that gratitude is for something big like getting that new promotion or for something small like that warm cup of coffee on a cold morning. You could even start a gratitude journal or just a page for the month where you capture things that you are grateful for. It is important to remember though that having gratitude does not mean pushing away any negative feeling or emotions or situations. You can still feel all of those things in your life. Like everything else, feelings come in waves and allowing a gratitude wave now and then can really help reduce the impact of those other feelings when they happen.

A gratitude practice is great for the mental side of things, but what about the physical side? Practicing heart opening movements can also support this practice of self love. They don't need to be elaborate either, like camel pose is great but a simple cat and cow or supported fish will also work. This month, I will explore some gentle heart opening in my classes along with offering opportunities for gratitude.

Let's fill up our hearts together.


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