Marvelous Mudras

Summer is officially almost here. With all the warmth that is coming our way, it is important for our yoga practice to shift once again. I like to dig into the heat a bit and take advantage of my body feeling better to move a bit more. Of course you need to find balance as well, so just enough movement with just enough rest. This month we are going to explore some Mudras that encourage mindfulness. I have mentioned them before, but Mudras can be a powerful addition to your practice. Take it slow and always come out if something feels too intense. There are so many different ways to bring these sacred gestures into your practice and there are many different gestures themselves. We will only be exploring a few.

     The end of June also marks the beginning of my much anticipated summer break. It means entering a time where I can focus more on my own practice and make changes to what that looks like to help maintain balance when the break is over.

      Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to take a full summer break, but everyone can work some kind of break into their routine. Maybe it’s a weekend getaway or maybe it’s just a full day without any obligations. Taking a break is just another form of rest and is so important to allow you to do your best and work your hardest.

      It seems today's work culture does not realize that the best way to be less stressed at work and to get the most efficient work out of your employees is to cultivate an environment that supports regular rest periods. That doesn’t just mean encouraging vacations. When everyone else is working and you take time off, it can generate a different kind of stress and fear of missing out. The break I am really talking about here is the weekend. Everyone needs the weekend to relax and prepare for the week. Whether your work weekend falls on a weekday or not, knowing that no one needs to cover for you or there isn’t going to be a pile of work on the next work day because your boss never takes a break is super important.

     Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do change current circumstances and well established patterns in the workplace. What we can do is keep communicating the importance of rest up the chain until someone listens. If you happen to be a boss, just remember that actions speak louder than words.

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