Marvelous Mudras - Heart Chakra - Kali Mudra



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Next up is the heart chakra. For connecting to the heart, I chose Kali Mudra. This one is very simple and you may have seen it without knowing it is a Mudra. To practice, bring the palms of the hands together in front of you. Allow the fingers to cross. Then straiten both index fingers and press them together. Make sure the left thumb is crossed on top of the right.

    This Mudra is said to help symptoms related to anxiety, depression and insomnia. It is meant to help the body flush out negativity that may have been building up. This is another one that may be intensely felt throughout the body. Be gentle. You don’t need to stay in it very long in order to benefit from the effects. If it is too intense to practice while sitting still, try it in a simple pose that you practice normally like warrior I. As always, release the Mudra if the experience is not something you want. You can always try again in small doses and see if it makes a difference once you are off the mat. In my experience, if something feels too intense it usually means my body needs it. Just not all at once. It is always ok to back off. What you don’t want to do is keep yourself from trying again at some point in the future because you had a bad experience. Listen to your body and mind and honor them.

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