Marvelous Mudras - Throat Chakra - Shankha Mudra

A drawn picture of hands in shankha mudra, shell mudra. the right fingers are wrapped around the left thumb and the right thumb and left middle finger are touching.

Shankh Mudra
All pose images are copyright by Tummee - sequencing platform for yoga teachers


For Our Mudra exploration this time around, I thought we would highlight some of the chakras as well. I don’t teach enough classes during the month highlight all of them, so I thought I would focus on those that personally feel like they need the most connection. Starting with the throat chakra.

Shankh Mudra places the hands in the shape of a conch shell. This mudra is said to calm and soothe the mind and cool the body. To try it, first open you right hand, palm facing toward you. Then, touch your left thumb to the right palm and wrap your fingers around it. Close your left fingers across your knuckles and touch your middle finger to your right thumb. You’ve got it!

Because this is a cooling mudra, do not practice it in the winter months or if you have any ailment that is already causing your body temperature to be low, like low blood pressure.

Among other things, you can also add pranayama to this mudra practice. A good one to start with is ujjayi or SSSHHHHH if you are a beginner and have no idea what ujjayi is. Give it a try. Do you feel anything in the body changing or shifting?


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