Spring Foundations: Let's Bloom

Spring Foundations: Let's Bloom

   Isn't it funny how the older you get, the more your life starts to fall into layers just like the layers in the earth. There is a "kid under 12" layer. Then a "first employment" layer. Maybe a first house layer. Even groups of friends come in layers, high school friends, work friends, college friends. Right now, my family is on the cusp of entering a new period. We are about to say goodbye to our first Greyhound... He is 13 and has been on many adventures with us over the years and lived an amazing life. His older brother went over the rainbow bridge a few years ago and we recognized then that it was the end of an era with those two. Now, we have a new young pup who we are looking forward to spoiling a bit once the older one is gone and plans to get another have made us confused about this transition altogether. It is a crazy feeling to be mourning something you are about to loose, but also looking forward to what the next adventure may bring.

   Through all of this emotional turmoil, it becomes more important than ever to ride the waves and use all of the knowledge I have gained through my yoga practice to help support my own body and mind through this difficult transition.

   Which brings me to the final installment of the Spring Foundation series.In the month of June, we will be embracing the warmer temperatures outside by leaning into our flexibility. Encouraging gentle movement with plenty of alternative ways to practice each pose offered to allow you to tailor your experience to exactly what your own body is asking for in the moment. We will be relying on props to allow us to sink in a little deeper, and feel supported. Feeling that support will allow us to let go even more.

 Wherever you are starting from, let's embrace the sun and bloom together.

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